Doodstil is a death metal band which was founded in 2012 by Rene (vocalist) and Gea (vocalist). Soon Niels (guitarist) joined the band. In 2013 they found their drummer, Larissa. The songs are not too fast or technical, but very groovy though. All members take part in the writing process. After a year of intensely practicing and writing songs the vocalist and graphic artist Gea had to quit the band through personal reasons. She is now the graphic artist of the band and takes care of all graphic challenges of the band. In 2017 Rene decided he wanted to learn to play the bassguitar. Within a year he came very far, but during gigs, for now, he keeps on singing. Eventually he is going to sing and play the bass. The lyrics written along with the songs,have various subjects. It's not just gore or anti-christian,but also more social related themes are used in the writing process. It's all about the problems humans and the whole now a day society have to face every day. Although those problems can be really serious, it all goes along with a good sense of humor and a bit of fantasy all mixed together. The lyrics are not only written in English but also in Dutch and even a combination of both languages. This makes it a bit of a challence sometimes, but mostly it works out well and it's good fun to do. ....and what would making death metal be like without having fun!!??





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